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It's really weird, we eventually succumbed and got Sky a few weeks ago but there seems to be a problem as the only channel we get is football. Every time I walk past the den a game is on. I didn't know it was physically possible to play 24/7. The thing that frustrates me so much is that this was one of my concerns before we got it but I was assured by Father of the Children that he wouldn't watch football constantly and stupidly I believed him. I've introduced a new timer system now though as a few nights ago I found myself sympathising with Roberto Mancini and then spent all yesterday discussing a suitable punishment for Carlos Tevez. Enough is enough, we need our lives back and for my sanity and general well being I need to be able to have a conversation about something/anything other than football!


This Savoy 40's Pencil Dress from Warehouse is incredibly pretty. Everything about it is just perfect, the style, the fit, the pattern even the wee buttons at the back. It's on our most wanted list!



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This Savoy Tea Dress from Warehouse is simply divine and terribly cute. We adore it's keyhole neckline, rouched panel and tie back!


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If I was to shut my eyes and come up with a perfect Short Sleeve Lace Stripe Satin Dress this one from Marks and Spencer would be it! Isn't it just 100% gorgeous?


Short Sleeve Lace Stripe Satin Dress


My heart is racing, my hands are getting clammy, am I ill? No, I've just laid eyes on this breathtakingly beautiful Slash Neck Sleeveless Two Tone Floral Lace Dress from Marks and Spencer! Off for a lie down but not before I click and buy!


Slash Neck Sleeveless Two Tone Floral Lace Dress


This Swoop Jersey Dress from French Connection is guaranteed to be a huge hit with it's fabulous bird print, capped sleeves and tie waist!



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This Sissy Snake Dress from French Connection looks great with shoe boots with it's awesome nipped in waist and flared skirt. Not only does it look fabulous it's also jolly comfy too!


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I was rooting around the fridge at lunchtime today hoovering up odds and ends in an effort to economise and clear some space. Father of the Children came in and looked with alarm at the assortment of goodies on my plate. I think it was the mix of sweet and savoury not to mention hot and cold that threw him. As I sat down at the table worrying slightly that I couldn't remember how old many of the items were I took comfort in the fact that many peoples digestive systems coped with far worse. Take Branko Crnogorac for example. In his life time he's reportedly eaten 12,000 forks, 2,000 spoons, 2,600 plates and 25,000 light bulbs with no trouble. He's finally come a cropper though choking on a bicycle pedal! His friend bet him he couldn't eat his bicycle and lo and behold the pedal was his downfall. He's says that "after years of eating everything I've realised my digestive system isn't as strong as it used to be". My plateful is lame in comparison and although some items in-front of me look rather scary I feel up to the challenge! While I enjoy what I hope isn't my last supper here are some delightful tasty looking things currently available online.


This Noella Crepe Dress from Great Plains comes in Winter Iris or Black and is ultra flattering and terribly refined. We adore the cowl neck, the long sleeves with ruched detail at the cuffs, the pin-tuck pleat skirt at the front with slit pockets. The features are endless but basically it's a must have dress that you'll reach for time and time again.



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This Fools Gold Sequin Scarf from Great Plains is an awesome sequin-embellished scarf which is just the ticket for adding instant sparkle to your Winter wardrobe. The scarf is smothered with pailette sequins on one side and has plain woven material on the other side making it super comfortable to wear too.


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This Frisella Fortune Jumpsuit from French Connection has a fetching deep V-neck with cross-over detail, cap sleeves, a concealed side-zip fastening and a tie at the waist. I cannot lie, my lust for jumpsuits has not abated this season, I have succumbed yet again!


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This Princess Button Up Coat from Great Plains is an elegant wool and cashmere-blend coat. The classic style makes it a wonderful investment piece, all you have to do now is to choose between Panacotta and Black.


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This black Carnegie Stretch Skirt from Great Plains is a classically smart, fully lined, black skirt. It features a concealed zip fastening at the waist, side-slit pockets and a small slit at back. Team with heels, flats or shoe boots and a pretty blouse for a chic look.



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This Geo Wrap Collar Coat from Kew159 is a phenomenal luxury wool and alpaca coat with a super soft brushed finish. We are enchanted by the dramatic geometric weave and all think the generous wrap neck helps to make it a real stand out piece this AW11 season.


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I went with the girls last night to see 'I Don't Know How She Does It' which features Kate Reddy, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, as a harassed mother of two, juggling home life and a hugely successful career as an investment manager. There were plenty of laugh out loud squirmy moments and although we were a nit free row there was a fair amount of itching going on at one stage! The close working relationship she developed with Jack Abelhammer (played by Pierce Brosnan) the New York boss of the Boston financial firm for which she works strayed into flirt territory but never went over the line. Here's where I had a problem. On leaving the cinema I said to my friend that in real life, their chemistry was so utterly amazing, I'm sure they would have strayed. She looked at me and reminded me that I had married the boss and without saying anything further the line "and look where that got you" hung in the air between us! I can't remember if that was before or after I accidentally pulled a spare pair of knickers out my handbag whilst looking for a tissue! Once a Girl Guide always a Girl Guide......


I sat all through 'I Don't Know How She Does It' hyper-ventilating over Sarah Jessica Parker's Mulberry Oak Alexa Bag! It comes in 2 sizes - standard and this oversized version. I've spied it this morning at my-wardrobe and it's shot straight to the top of my most wanted list.



Mulberry - Oak Oversized Alexa


This Crepe Shirt from Kew159 is a wonderful military inspired shirt with epaulettes and pleated patch pockets. Great with jeans, capris, smart tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. It comes in 6 fabulous colours - Petrol, Bright Blue, Navy, Bitter Chocolate, Latte and Chilli. As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue.


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I'm really rather taken with this retro inspired Geo Print Cotton Mix Dress from Laura Ashley. The monotone geo print is so striking and the scoop front and back neckline, inset black waistband and flared skirt are all terribly attractive features.


Geo Print Cotton Mix Dress


Tweed is a huge trend for this AW11 and this Brown Tweed Blazer from Phase Eight is a marvellous example. Great over a smart dress or thrown on casually with a pair of jeans. As featured in You Magazine 25th September 2011 issue.


Tweed Blazer


As soon as I set eyes on this Lace Dress I instantly knew it was a Karen Millen creation. The attention to detail with the lace, metal work and flap detailing makes it a stand out piece and it was love at first sight! As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue.



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This Falcon Check Skirt from Monsoon is such a dramatic looking skirt for this Autumn/Winter. Team with boots and a plain blouse or jumper for a great look. As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue.


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We had a fabulous day out yesterday at a friend's birthday get-together on Holkham beach (at the non-nudist end I'd like to make clear!). A large crowd of 34 gathered with 6 dogs for an action packed day of fun and frivolity. We started off with a picnic and lashings of ginger beer followed by a couple of games of rounders and an invigorating swim in the North Sea. Even I threw caution to the wind and went in up to my neck and jolly enjoyable it was too. Being a hardy Scot from North of the border I thought the water temperature was rather similar to bath water but I was seemingly alone in this comparison - they now all think I enjoy masochistic icy baths! Father of the Children even came out of football retirement and resumed his role as 'the cat' in goal. The sun obviously went to his head as he rather rashly agreed to go to training and join a local veterans team. The fact he can hardly move this morning from all his leaping around may curtail his dream of a Wembley appearance somewhat! The scorching hot top day was rounded off with fish and chips at the sea front. We eventually got home at bed time and this morning I have the added bonus of the unopened Sunday Magazines to peruse - it's like a long weekend. So here's a glance at some of the first things I've spotted from this weekend's mags.


This Star Print Midi Dress from Oasis is a must have for this season, star prints are everywhere. This dress features a gathered waist, slit full length sleeves and a pussy bow style tie. As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue. It's currently reduced from £65 to £30 too!



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These Held D - T-Bar Court Shoes from Dune look wonderfully vintage looking and will look enchanting with this seasons browns, burgundys and rusts. As featured in The Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine, 25th September issue.


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These Cherry Coloured Jeans from Oasis are wonderfully bright and colourful. Colour pop was huge this Summer and they'll look equally stupendous this Autumn/Winter worn with black or grey. As featured in The Three Best Vivid Trousers feature in The Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine, 25th September issue


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This Cordua Blouse from L.K. Bennett is a refined sheer silk chiffon blouse which features architectural cuffs which are softened by delicate button detailing and a bow tie. Choose between Taupe/Biscuit or Black. Wear with this seasons midi skirts, a pencil skirt or with sharp tailored trousers and one of this seasons tweed jackets. As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue.


Cordua Blouse


This Rhian Jacket from L.K. Bennett is such a handsome tailored wool jacket. Choose between Burgundy, Brown Espresso and Black and wear over a dress, with smart trousers or jeans or a chic skirt. Wear with the collar up or down, with a thin belt or without, oohh the possibilities are endless! As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue.



Rhian Jacket



This Stretch Skinny Pencil Skirt from Karen Millen combines two of this seasons trends - pencil and midi length. The high waisted skirt even features an exposed rear zip. We're loving it! As featured in You Magazine, 25th September issue where they'd styled it with a pretty bird print pussy bow chiffon blouse and shoe boots.


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Youngest Child has some English homework this weekend which includes a Personality Questionnaire. She merrily read out her answers to me this afternoon so I thought, rather foolishly, that during supper tonight it would be fun for everyone to complete the questionnaire, how mistaken I was. The first question was 'What is the best thing about you?' We moved around the table all offering our comments about each other. It came to my turn, both children chipped in numerous lovely things about me and we all turned to Father of the Children waiting ....silence! Nothing, not a solitary word. He finally said he needed more time to think what was the best thing about me! You'd think he could have thought up a couple of things off the cuff. We were at the table he could even have crossed his fingers under the table and nobody would have seen him. We soldiered on with the atmosphere getting decidedly frostier until question 4 - 'Describe something that makes you angry' whereupon we called it quits as the entire thing degenerated into something rather similar to a Relate meeting. I've sought comfort in some beautiful things online which I know you will all appreciate I have shared with you.


This Alice Wool Jacket from French Connection is a chic vintage looking wool and mohair-blend jacket. Choose between Henna and Disguise.



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This Sequin Slouch Jumper from Warehouse is a mesmerising 3/4 length sleeved jumper scattered with sequins. It'll look stupendous on a night out with back trousers and heels.


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These Twist Detail Slim Leg Trousers from Warehouse are wonderfully smart ideal for wearing to work or to play.


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These Hazel P Brogues from Pied A Terre are quite the smartest brogues we've seen this week. Choose between Black, Tan or this Multi version.


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This Ingrid Hammered Metal Skinny Cuff In Light Gold from Reiss is a fabulous dramatic statement piece. A great addition to your jewellery box, ideal for wearing all year round.



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This Colour Block Leather Shopper from Oasis is stunning. The colour block 2 tone bag comes in Camel, Mid Grey, Rich Blue and Dark Purple. Oh decisions...decisions..


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I don't wish to cause panic but a 20 year old satellite the size of a bus is expected to hit Earth today. It's travelling towards the planet at five miles a second which means we'll get a 20 minute warning. I apologise for the lateness of today's blog but ever since reading this alarming fact in today's newspaper, while munching my coarse cut marmalade on rustic wholemeal, I have been staring out the window on satellite watch. There's 'only' a one in 3,200 risk of it hitting someone but actually thinking about it that's not particularly long odds. You've more of a chance of being hit by it than winning the lottery haven't you? If it doesn't actually get you at point black range some of the debris may as it's expected to scatter across a 500 mile radius. All NASA will say is that it's anticipated landing area is between 57 North and 57 South latitude which unfortunately covers most of the inhabited world. It's news like this that makes me realise life is just too short and unpredictable so with that in mind I need to start buying some of my most wanted items - like this Lulu Guinness Lips clutch. Father of the Children is currently trying to send my GPS co-ordinates to that bus-sized satellite!


This iconic Red Perspex Lips Clutch from Lulu Guinness is so easily recognisable as one of her famous creations. Your friends will turn green with envy when they find out you actually possess one!



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There's something rather bourgeois about a fur coat isn't there? This Ashley Fur Coat from Coast is my most lusted after faux fur item of the day. It'll look fabulous keeping me warm on my way too and from the raft of Christmas Parties coming up (forever hopeful!) and it'll even look rather decadent worn with jeans to the shops!


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This Scoop Neck Sleeveless Floral Lace Dress from Marks and Spencer is so luxurious and elegant looking. You'll have heads spinning when you walk into the room in this!


Scoop Neck Sleeveless Floral Lace Dress


This Duchess Sandal in Black from L.K. Bennett is truly magnificent. Quite the prettiest high-heeled sandal especially with their elegant intricate crossover straps. We just need the frock to go with them now!


Duchess Sandal - Black


This Swallow Swoop Tea Dress from French Connection is perfect for work with shoe boots and opaques or for evening with killer heels and a black over sized blazer. The choice is yours!



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This Lurex Stripe Midi Dress from Oasis is irresistible. It's ticking all the boxes in the office (midi length, a bit of sparkle) and we're thinking it'll look smashing with boots, shoe boots or heels.


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I went to a sooper dooper supper party last night at a friends house to celebrate a big birthday of another friend. I'm not going to mention how old she is as if I did you'd all have me up on the trade descriptions act as she looks half her age! Last night she wore the most stunning necklace that her husband had designed and had made for her to mark the occasion. It consisted of 3 thick silver tapers hanging off a necklace with a sapphire embedded in the middle one. He's one of those husbands that if you pop round at lunchtime you can find him just rustling up a light lunch of a prawn thai curry! He buys the majority of her clothes for her and I mean physically chooses and buys not just pays! I shudder to think what I'd end up with if Father of the Children was left to source my wardrobe - there'd be a lot of black, red and lace in it that's for sure!

Anyway I digress, her necklace looked stunning and while we all admired it and said how clever he was at designing it she then listed all the other things he'd had made for her and items of jewellery he'd purchased for her. I sat open mouthed. I can fit all my jewellery, including costume stuff, in the palm of one hand! I'm even including the diamonds earrings he got for me that are so tiny they actually fall through the holes in my ears (imagine a tiny pencil dot of an exceptionally sharp HB and you get the dimensions!)

I read this morning that British men don't buy jewellery for their girlfriends until they've been in a relationship for at least 32 months as any earlier than that they fear the gift may be seen as a sign of wanting a bigger commitment. Do you think this could be Father of the Children's problem, he's scared I'll want a bigger commitment? After not 32, but nearly 230 months together, is he getting cold feet? Just in case he wants to make amends, although I'm not holding my breath, here are some stunning items that my fingers, wrists, ears and neck would love to get acquainted with!


There'd be no danger of these Monaco Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings from Aspinal of London falling through my ear holes that's for sure! The 1.0 carat colour grade G, clarity grade VS Diamonds in a seven stone 8mm sparkling cluster are delicately set in 18ct White Gold. They'd be ones to treasure forever and amazingly there's 20% off everything at Aspinal of London today, 22nd September with code SEPT22 so they could practically be deemed a bargain!



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These Argent Bangles by Hurley Burley from Not On The High Street are stunning! The seven sterling silver bangles are joined with a sterling silver ring holding one hammered and one smooth silver heart charms offset by a large creamy freshwater pearl. I have given this as a present and I tell you the 'giving' process was agony - boy did I want to keep it!


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Every girl needs a string of pearls and this Park Avenue Necklace by Manhattan Pearls from Astley Clarke caught my eye immediately this morning. The white cultured freshwater pearls necklace measures 17 inches and fastens with a discrete round magnetic clasp. A gift to treasure for a lifetime!


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These Candy Stacking Rings in 18ct rose gold vermeil on sterling silver are designed by the renowned Norfolk based designer Monica Vinader. Available from Astley Clarke these stackable rings have shot straight onto our most wanted list.


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This Michael Kors Watches - Steel And Gold Chronograph Watch from my-wardrobe is a show stopping watch. The watch has a steel and gold tone stainless steel bracelet, a case with gold accents and diamanté face embellishment. We're loving it!



Michael Kors Watches - Steel And Gold Chronograph Watch



Oh my, how cute and clever is this? It's a Silver brooch from YOUR child's drawing by AM Jewellery from Not On The High Street! What a fabulous pressie and so unique, we simply adore it!


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I have a couple of friends who are currently in the throws of their Eldest Child leaving home to go off and start University. The past few months must have been a roller coaster for many. Dealing with the strain and pressure of revising, the stress of the actual exams and then the tension of results day. Now the day has actually arrived when the first born are departing the nest to embark on the next exciting phase of their life. Numerous trips have been made to Dunelm and Matalan. The car is packed to the gunnels, only for some of it to come straight back home with you on the return leg as the room isn't quite as big as they'd imagined it to be!

However sad you may be feeling about off-spring fleeing the coop spare a thought for an exasperated Italian couple who have the opposite problem. They are mounting a legal fight to kick their 41 year old son out of the house. He has a perfectly good job and steady income but has resisted all attempts to persuade him to fly the nest. They say after years of cooking for him and washing and ironing his clothes their patience has finally been exhausted (and they wonder why he's resisted the urge to leave?!). He has 10 days to find a flat or will be evicted!

Anyway, if your babies have flown I implore you to resist the urge to go and lie on their bed and sniff their pillow and try a spot of online shopping instead - it lifts my spirits every time without fail!


This Camille Flannel Tab Skirt from Great Plains is a beautiful wool-blend skirt. The fully lined skirt has button-down tab details, an exposed zip fastening at the back, two pockets at front and is fully lined! Now let's see, Camel or Siamese?



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This Shining Star Beaded Top from Great Plains is my top of the day, isn't it just divine? We're loving the flattering cowl neck, the long sleeves with shell button fastenings, the pin-tuck detail at the shoulders and the sensational bead embellishment at the front. Can you tell I'm rather keen?!


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These Camille Flannel Classic Trousers from Great Plains are wonderfully smart with their side-slit pockets, button-fastening pockets at the back and a crease feature through the front.


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This Princess Shawl Collar Coat from Great Plains is such a chic wool and cashmere-blend coat just perfect for this Autumn/Winter.


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We all love a bit of faux fur and this Womens Pembleton Neckscarf from Joules has definitely taken our fancy. Now will it be the Oat or Peat version? Oh eenie meanie miney mo......



Womens Pembleton Neckscarf



These Tassel Ankle Boots from Kew159 are rather snazzy. One minute I think I'll go for the Black, then I sway towards the Tan, oh it's a tricky one!


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It's been a long and painful day at Must Get That Towers. We headed off to 'The Smoke' first thing this morning to view some sofas and the whole experience has stretched our, some would say already rather taut, relationship to breaking point. I had thought we'd narrowed our choice down to one particular sofa and happily brought home an array of fabric samples but to my despair tonight, just as my hand was hovering over the buy button, he's changed his mind yet again. He wants to view another sofa but isn't free to accompany me until next week. In the meantime the wooden garden furniture in the sitting room is losing it's allure. If this dispute continues much longer I'm going to be pushing for the 2 separate sitting room solution. Mine will be by invitation only and he doesn't stand a chance! It is with relief therefore tonight that I returned to my first passion, clothes. I already feel a calmness enveloping me.....1,2,3 breathe....


French Connection suggest teaming their Silver Simmons Top with slim-leg trousers and sky-high heels for cocktails with the girls. What a splendid idea, I couldn't agree more - mine's a mojito.



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This Noble Storm Jacket from French Connection is a stunning crepe tux-style jacket. Wear with chic dresses, jeans and a t-shirt the possibilities are so endless it's joined the essential items list.


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This Silver Simmons Sequin Dress from French Connection is an exquisite vintage-inspired piece with gorgeous embellished details. Wear with a fitted blazer and heels for a special night out.


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This Sequin Collar Chiffon Top from New Look is an exquisite top. It features a sequin embellished collar, a keyhole button neck fastening, pretty pin tuck front detailing and short sleeves with a double layer cuff. It'll look delish with smart trousers and heels or a pencil skirt.


Sequin Collar Chiffon Top


Tweed jackets are massive this season and this Harley Hacking Jacket from Monsoon is a fabulous example. Wear with jeans for an instant smart update of your look.



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These Amerillo Platform Brogues from Monsoon will be perfect this Autumn and Winter teamed with tweed and maybe even a wee faux fur stole thrown into the mix too.


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I am currently sitting in Must Get That Towers in a cloud of dust. Those of you who have visited me here may feel this is not particularly unusual or noteworthy but today I'm looking like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. The dust is thick on my keyboard and my hair has turned white and that's even before opening the latest Visa bill! I should have realised it was going to be bad news when the plasterers walked in this morning looking like they'd done the early shift at Windy Millers Flour Mill in Camberwick Green. Obviously a thin film of permanent grey dust about their persons is a condition of the job! Before the air gets so thick that visibility becomes a problem here are some items I spied online earlier today.


This Womens Augusta Tweed Coat from Joules is spectacular! The tweed jacket oozes style and will prove to be a real classic in your wardrobe with it's semi fitted shape, double breasted feature and funnel neck.



Womens Augusta Tweed Coat


Sumptuous rich jewel colours are everywhere this AW11 so these Womens Westfield Cord Trousers from Joules are a must! Choose between Marine Navy, Mulled and Tan.


Womens Westfield Cord Trousers


This Patch-Pocket Biker Jacket from Banana Republic is just the ticket for looking smart and stylish whether strolling round town, hiking through the woods or standing on the touch line.


Patch-pocket biker jacket


The picture here doesn't do this T Shaped Belted Knit Dress from Kew159 any justice. The wool knit dress looks fabulous on and comes in a choice of Tangerine, Midnight and Green.


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This Blurred Floral Dress from Warehouse is stunning. I saw it in my local store and actually emitted a squeal it looks so beautiful!



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This Star Wide Leg Jumpsuit from Oasis is so stylish, you'll feel like a star in it (get it?!). As featured in You Magazine, 18th September issue.


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With the skeleton crew we operate at Must Get That Towers we often find ourselves multi-tasking. There is a definite pecking order and alas when it comes to the working relationship between Father of the Children and myself I'm not the pecker! My lot isn't a bad one though especially compared to some working relationships. Secretaries have disclosed some truly ridiculous tasks some have been asked to do by their bosses including peeling bananas, collecting urine samples and buying treatments for piles! There are those who are even asked to buy the wife and mistress cards and presents. Father of the Children has obviously farmed this job off to someone else! I would quite like to work for the boss though who asked his secretary to check the water temperature at his holiday villa or the one who asked his secretary to buy him a car for £60k, the only stipulation being it had to be black! I bet those two particular bosses would very generous with clothing allowances too!


These Heavy Tread Day Boots from Jigsaw are simply awesome looking with their super durable thick tread sole. Don't you agree?



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This Dune Wurry Bag from Shoe Studio is so furry, we adore it. Not only does it provide wonderful calming properties it's also rather funky with it's metallic chain handle, gold studded brown tassels and buckles.


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I'm loving these Wallis collarless coats this season and a particular highlight is this Orange Wool version. It oozes style and is cut beautifully.


Orange Wool Collarless Coat


This Magenta Collarless Coat from Wallis is a fabulous 60s style coat. It'll add a wonderful splash of colour to your Winter wardrobe.


Magenta Collarless Coat


This Belted Jumpsuit from Oasis has a wonderful vintage air to it with it's pussy bow and wider leg. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for making an entrance at the work Christmas Party!



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This Crepe Coloured Jumpsuit from Oasis is a show stopper. We adore the halter neck style but just can't decide between the Burgundy or the Red - help!


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Sleep, or rather lack of it, is a hot topic this morning in Must Get That Towers. You see Father of the Children has a big job on right now and as at 10am this morning he'd had 4 hours total sleep in 3 days and that was 2 days ago! I've insisted he get some shut eye as I think he may well keel over at any moment.

Research published in the newspapers this morning suggests that early risers are slimmer, happier and healthier than those who get up later in the day. I get up at the screech of cats so was rather alarmed by this news. There must be an awful lot of fat, grumpy and unhealthy people of there if I'm supposed to be slimmer, happier and healthier than most! My apparent lack of these attributes could be explained though by the fact the the research continues by stating that night owls suffer most as late nights seemingly taking their toll on health and happiness. Father of the Children says my inability to either go to bed early or sleep late is all to do with my meerkat tendency of being incredibly nosey and constantly scared I'm going to miss out on something! My aim over the next week is to prove him wrong. I'm getting the cosy jammies out and am going to try and go to bed earlier in an effort to wake up a slimmer, happier and healthier member of my group. For those of you who wish to join me in this experiment here's a sample of some wonderful sleepwear to help us on our way.


These Stars Pyjamas from Hush are wonderfully cosy in 100% cotton flannel. I feel ready to nod off just looking at them!



Stars Pyjamas


You may well mock me when I suggest Cashmere Wristwarmers from Hush for bed but bear with me. Picture the scene - you've got your jammies on, you pull the duvet up and snuggle under. You think you'll just read a quick chapter before lights out. The idea of sticking your hands out from under the covers to hold your book or kindle makes you think twice - well no more! With these cashmere wrist warmers your hands will be so warm and toasty you could even stretch to two chapters!


Cashmere Wristwarmers


This Astrid Henley T-Shirt from Fat Face is great for pairing with any of their brushed cotton bedtime trousers or shorts. Choose between Natural Marl or Bud Red.


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This Sirius Check Pant from Fat Face are a stunning pair of brushed cotton lounge pants. They feature feminine crochet detail on the ties and even a buttoned turn up option.


icon icon


Your little tootsies are dying to get inside these Cashmere Bed Socks from The White Company! All you have to do is choose between Baby Pink, Ivory and Grey and you're one click away from cosy toe heaven!



icon icon



Calm down it is just the pyjamas for that price, the AGA isn't included! These wonderful brushed cotton Womens Oberon Jammies from Joules will keep you wonderfully cosy all night.


Womens Oberon Nightwear


Youngest Child went off with a heavy heart today. Not only is she suffering from an inflamed shoulder caused by lugging her school bag the 2 miles to and from school every day but she's also got something called CATS tests today. On reading that laughter has the ability to raise people's pain threshold and in light of the day ahead of her I did a wee display for her this morning to help her on her way and make her smile. It's amazing the amount of images of cats there are online - from a fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat to a rather ugly Cornish Rex Cat and let's not even mention the Scottish Fold Cat that looks like it has no ears. I presented a power point display to her while she ate her breakfast and I didn't even get a smile or a thanks. She just looked at me like I'd finally lost the plot and went off to brush her teeth. Eldest Child came in and asked what on earth I was doing. I told her about the CATS tests and explained I'd done the presentation to help her to identify different breeds. She looked at me incredulously. CATS seemingly stands for Cognitive Ability Tests and involves testing on use of language, numbers and shapes - a bit like an IQ test I guess. Ahh I am now consumed with guilt and feel I maybe should have prepared her a bit more for today. I went out and bought doughnuts for afternoon tea, do you think I'll be forgiven?


Hand me the smelling decadent and heavenly are these Velvet Trainers from Jigsaw? Not only do they look lovely they'll also be beautiful to stroke! Will it be the Red, Bilberry or Black though?



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These Fab Baseball Boots from Boden come in the most stunning choices - Suede Mocha, Patent Pewter Metallic and and Olive Leopard Print. All have patent toe-caps. The choice is quite literally agony as I want them all so badly!


Fab Baseball Boots


Liberty's last collaboration with Nike was hugely popular so it was with real excitement that I looked at their Autumn Collection which was launched yesterday on the 13th September. These Helena's Party Blazer Low Shoes come in the prettiest of prints which originates from a lace flower design created in 1937. This print was part of a collaboration with Lauren Child, creator of the Charlie & Lola stories.


Helena's Party Blazer Low Shoes, Liberty Nike Autumn Collection


span class="normal">These Douglas Stripe High Skinny Dunks from Liberty's Nike Autumn Collection are sensational. The Douglas Stripe print is designed from an illustration by David McKee, creator of the Mr Benn stories. David's print range for Liberty was based around the idea of Mr Benn embarking on an adventure as a Liberty Print knight. Oh golly weren't lunchtimes just great with Mr Benn?!


Douglas Stripe High Skinny Dunks, Liberty Nike Autumn Collection


These Mauvey Print Blazer Mid Premium Shoes, Liberty Nike Autumn Collection are wonderfully zingy and will add a real splash of brightness to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe!



Mauvey Print Blazer Mid Premium Shoes, Liberty Nike Autumn Collection



These Eb's Print High Skinny Dunks, Liberty's Nike Autumn Collection are so arty looking. The print was created from illustrator Brian Wildsmith's hand drawn design resembling city tower blocks. This print was part of 'The Amazing World of Words' range, a collaboration between Wildsmith and the Liberty design team. It's a work of art!


Eb's Print High Skinny Dunks, Liberty Nike Autumn Collection


It may well be being deemed an epic final this morning but what possessed me to think it would be a good idea to stay up until 1.30am and watch the US Open Final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on a Monday night of all nights?! Not only that but when I did get to my bed in the wee small hours my heart was racing so much with all the excitement and drama it took me hours to eventually drop off. It seemed that no sooner had I shut my eyes than the alarm went off at 6.30am. Right now the thought of getting through the day far less the entire week is making me sink into a depression and I've already been driven to eating my entire monthly chocolate quota before lunch to keep myself going. Fortunately some stunning items from the new re-branded Kew.159 have brightened up my day. Aren't they divine?


This Botanical Print Dress from Kew.159 is exceptionally pretty. The print is so fetching and the perfect cut and styling of the dress is bound to make it fly off the shelves.



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This Deborah Check Dress from Kew.159 is a wonderfully dapper fifties style fit and flare dress with a V neck and tuck detail full skirt. It'll look so fetching with opaques and heels this season.


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We all love a bit of Jackson Pollock splatter and this Jackson Print Dress from Kew.159 is a captivating example with the most bewitching print. The asymmetric cowl neck is another feature which helps to make it stand out from the crowd.


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Kew.159 really have struck gold with their dresses this season - I only wish I could afford to wear them all! This Camelia Floral Shift Dress ticks all our boxes.


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This Wool Military Coat from Kew.159 is winning coat for this season. The classic trench coat design features bang up to the minute 2 tone fabrics, as well as storm patch pockets, epaulettes and domed buttons. It definitely gets our vote!



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This Adjustable Skinny Belt from Kew.159 comes in 4 magnificent colours for Autumn - tangerine, black, green and fire - ooh ip dip do the cats got flu....


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I really have been thoroughly spoilt over the last few days with fabulous wining and dining so have got away with not going near the kitchen all weekend. Yesterday we went en masse to a friend's house for a scrumptious BBQ. The host had even been on a proper course so the feast he conjured up was a lesson to us all from a master BBQer! We had a fun time as always and even managed to eat outside between showers before being chased indoors by driving rain. We then had the pleasure of taking a look at my friend's holiday photos. She advised us she'd been through them, censored them and taken out any she deemed unflattering. We admired all the wonderful sights and it was only on reaching the last one, which was of my friend looking unbelievably glamorous in a vintage looking 50's style red swimming costume complete with flower smothered bathing hat, that a piercing scream went up - to her horror she'd passed us the wrong folder of photos! This was seemingly the 'unsuitable for public consumption' batch! All I can say is that if she thought the photos she showed us weren't great I'm not showing her any of mine as she looked stupendous in them all! I'm off to photoshop my entire memory stick before I see her again!


This Tammy Pleated Top in Pearl from Reiss is so elegant, wear either loose, tucked in or belted for an outstanding look.



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These Apollo Wool Mini Shorts from French Connection are a fun pair of wool-blend shorts with side-slit pockets and stitched pockets at the back. Wear them this Autumn with opaques and with the matching Apollo wool jacket for a super smart look.


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I keep going back to these sensational Juines Platform Heels from French Connection. Aren't they just the business? Not only will they make your legs look super long they're also rather stylish too!


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This Colourblock Stripe Ponte Dress from Oasis is bang on trend for the coming Autumn season. It oozes chicness and just requires a pair of black heels to finish the look. As featured in You Magazine, 11th September 2011 issue.


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This Pleated Low Back Embellished Shift Dress from Warehouse has wonderfully detailing and comes in Cream, Navy and Dark Pink. As featured in You Magazine, 11th September issue.



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This Geo Check Wrap Coat from Oasis is a fabulous monochrome coat with an all over geometric print. We adore the oversized collar and the way it belts at the waist for a chic fitted finish. As featured in You Magazine, 11th September 2011 issue.


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We had an amazing time last night visiting friends and viewing their absolutely magnificent new house. They had only been in it for 3 weeks and already it looked like home, never in the history of moving has a house suited a family so much. The evening was most enjoyable which was surprising as it hadn't got off to the best of starts. I put on a rather tight fitting dress 20 minutes before departure and issued the words that all men dread to hear - 'does my bum look big in this?'. Having a not unsubstantial rear you'd think by now Father of the Children would be used to this question. Obviously not though as there was a long pause and he replied 'I don't know what you want me to say?!'. Well not that, that's for sure! I duly changed and huffed off to the party. I've taken inspiration this morning though on reading in the newspaper of a model in Texas who earns £90,000 a year by showing off what she claims is the worlds largest backside. It's 5ft 3in wide, yes you read that correctly, that's just her bottom and weighs 22 stone. She's 5ft 4in tall so truly must be a sight to behold. She's sussed it though as when she enquires 'does my bum look big in this?' she actually wants the answer to be yes so maybe I should follow her lead and embrace the size of my rear in all it's J. Lo. glory! While I rescue the screwed up tight fitting dress from the back of the wardrobe here are some lovely finds currently available online.


This Pure Cotton Double Breasted Stormwear™ Trench Coat from Marks and Spencer is perfect to see you through the blustery Autumnal days ahead. Choose between Black and Sandstone.



Pure Cotton Double Breasted Stormwear™ Trench Coat


This tan Halton Bag from L. K. Bennett is a stunning soft nubuck cross-body handbag with elegant chain detail. As featured in InStyle Magazine, October 2011 issue.


Halton Bag


This Franco Twill Trench Coat from French Connection is a ultra chic double breasted mac - great with skirts, dresses or trousers. As featured in The Saturday Times Magazine, 10th September issue.


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A trilby teamed with a mac or a long wax coat looks so chic this season. This Ava Wide Brim Trilby Hat from Reiss is a fine example and come in Tan, Black and Navy. As featured in the Saturday Times Magazine, 10th September issue.


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This Velvet Trim Trench from Boden comes in 3 stunning colours - Caramel, Winter Rhubarb and Navy. I have dithered for so long that my size in my chosen colour is now out of stock so a word of advice if it's in stock in your colour don't delay, go for it! As featured in The Saturday Times Magazine, 10th September issue.



Velvet Trim Trench



This Everyday Tweed Mini from Boden is a simply phenomenal tweed mini - it comes in 6 colours but our favourite is definitely this Duck Egg Melange. As featured in InStyle Magazine, October issue.


Everyday Tweed Mini


In an effort to not think purely of myself and my own desires I've made a conscious decision to enquire as to Father of the Children's needs and wishes. On doing this last week, after he'd got over the initial shock that I may actually care, he said he'd seen something advertised at the theatre and really wanted to see it. Well as you all know I love a bit of theatre so I was all ears.

Mmmhh a political play featuring Warren Clarke (that's him off Dalziel & Pascoe) about the 3 pivotal days in British history when giving in to Hitler was considered by some to be a ‘viable option’. Churchill had to decide whether we should negotiate terms through Mussolini or continue to fight alone. I felt a nervous twitch coming on but remembered my new resolution and simply smiled and agreed. We went along last night and it was a relatively enjoyable evening although I must say I was rather distracted by an entire row of Germans sitting in-front of us. I was so concerned as to whether they realised what the play was about and more importantly if they knew how it all ended that I found it difficult to concentrate. Father of the Children said he'd never seen me so quiet on a evening out. I managed to convince him it was because I was digesting all the educational information I'd been presented with. The only problem though with all this intellectual stuff is that my brain is absolutely saturated today so I've sought solace in this month's Red Magazine in an effort to recover. Here are some of their featured choice picks.


The pictures of this Cadogan Lace Dress on the Monsoon website don't do it justice. I spied it on p54 of the October issue of Red Magazine and fell in love with it instantly! It ticks so many boxes (lace, midi length, lined, hugely flattering) it's practically an essential must have!



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These Lacey Sling Back Shoes from Monsoon are just the loveliest black lacey sling backs for the up coming party season. Perfect with your fave little black dress. As featured in Red Magazine, October issue.


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This machine washable, lined 3/4 Sleeve Stretch A-Line Dress from Marks and Spencer fit's the 60's bill to perfection. Team with kitten heels or flat ballet pumps for a fabulous look. As featured in Red Magazine, October issue.


3/4 Sleeve Stretch A-Line Dress


We all remember the stunning Reiss Shola Dress that the Duchess of Cambridge wore to meet the Obamas, well this season's version is the Lola Bandage Dress. It looks just as awesome and is guaranteed to be as big a hit. All that's left to do is to choose between Steel Blue and Lava Red.


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These Odilia Tuck Front Detail Trouser from Reiss come in Lava Red, Kingfisher and Smoke. They look wonderfully elegant teamed with heels and a jumper for daytime or with a pretty blouse in the evening. As featured in Red Magazine, October 2011 issue.



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The combination of metal and leather in this Frith Leather Weave Bracelet in Pumpkin from Reiss make it a wonderful edgy modern piece. We love it (and the price!). As featured in Red Magazine, October issue.


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It was bedlam last night in Must Get That Towers. Smudge, the cat, had been sitting on the sitting room window sill for most of the day. I had assumed, rather sweetly and some may say rather naively, that this was because he was missing the children who were both off at their first day back at school. Last night he was very twitchy though and was eager to get on the windowsill even when the curtains were closed. I duly let him up and settled down to watch a bit of the old square box. Suddenly I heard a strange noise and then as if by magic the curtain moved. The cat was still transfixed to the top of the curtain and giving it the odd swipe. I reached up and felt the top of the curtain and to my horror there was something there. I instantly screamed and demanded Father of the Children's full attention. I supplied him with a coathanger which he duly whacked at the full length curtain. There was a dull thud as something fell down the inside lining and hit the floor. In all the melee I ran out screaming followed swiftly by the cat! Father of the Children was left alone in the room with a stunned mouse which to my amazement he duly captured! The cat of course was nowhere to be seen now obviously realising that by a process of deduction it was likely that we'd swiftly come to the conclusion that he was most likely to be the culprit who had brought it in in the first place! All I can say is I'm glad I'm not the person who rather greedily ate the last square of fudge which had been left in an open bag on the coffee table all day!

While I recover from all that excitement here are some wonderful finds from Boden who are running a diminishing returns offer. There's currently 20% off and free delivery and returns but be quick as it ends at midnight tonight and drops to 15% off tomorrow.


This Polkadot Shift from Boden is such a neat, flattering dress with it's semi fitted shape, concealed side zip, cap sleeves, detachable self fabric belt and wonderful pleat detail at the neckline. Can you tell we're rather partial? Choose between Black, Navy, Ruby and Violet Polkadot.



Polkadot Shift


These Wedge Stretch Boots from Boden come in Black or Grey and will allow you to look down on everybody from a great lofty height but being wedges there'll be no toppling over!


Wedge Stretch Boots


This Crew Neck Cashmere Cardigan from Boden is magnificent and comes in 8 phenomenal colours - Black, Cadet, Ecru, Fig, Gunmetal, Pewter, Ruby and Soft Pink. That's one for every day of the week and one left over for bedtime!


Crew Neck Cashmere Cardigan


This Heritage Check Mini from Boden is a great everyday skirt. Team with boots or heels and a chic wee buttoned up crew neck cardi for a cute look.


Heritage Check Mini


If the weather these past few days is anything to go by this Perfect Cosy Parka from Boden will be your best friend in the coming blustery, rainy days ahead. It's fleecy lined for parky weather and has a showerproof exterior in wax cotton supplied by The British Millerain Co Ltd no less!



Perfect Cosy Parka



This Oil Cloth Overnight Bag from Boden's new AW11 collection is a hot favourite in the office. It comes in flowers or spots and is wonderfully roomy. Definitely big enough to hold your capsule collection for a couple of nights away!


Oil Cloth Overnight Bag


Having read a recent survey stating that two thirds of mothers dress to impress on the first school run of the academic year I was in a blind panic this morning on our first day back. Seemingly one in six have their hair done and some even buy a new outfit especially for the big day. Many have actually spend more on themselves than they have spent on the uniform and stationery for their offspring! The survey also states that the 'average' mother (here we go again, my pet hate, none of us are average we are all special in our own individual way!) spends up to 25 minutes getting ready for the first day of term, seven minutes longer than it takes for her to sort out her children! Twenty five minutes, I'd better get a shift on - I dashed into the shower and then started rummaging through my wardrobe with my heart hammering. Oh my, what to wear? How to look chic while looking like I've spent no time trying. My mind was whirring, I needed to leave plenty of time to blow dry my hair and do my make up. All of a sudden I heard a "Bye" followed by the noise of the front door slamming! What?! I dashed downstairs in a towel with my hair dripping wet. Oh of course how could I have forgotten? My offspring have decided to walk the 2 miles to school as part of a new fitness regime. That of course means there's no school run for me, and although I'm loathe to say it out loud I will kind of miss it!


This Bouvier Poncho from White Stuff is perfect for this in-between time of year. Wear over a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans for a tip top look.



Bouvier Poncho


This Brooklyn Knit Skirt from White Stuff is simply divine! The knitted skirt has a wide elasticated waistband and a beautiful chevron-style pattern. We're loving it with heels, pumps or boots!


Brooklyn Knit Skirt


These Hendrix Jeans from White Stuff are a wonderful pair of slim-fitting full length jeans. They come in 3 leg lengths - 29, 31 and 33 inches and in sizes 6 through 18. Wow, they've just about thought of everything.


Hendrix Jeans


This Cameron Cable Cardi from Fat Face is quite the loveliest cardi we've seen today. The cable detail at the front and back is second to none but it's a tricky choice between Cherry Pink, Incense and Phantom. After much deliberation I'm going for the incense, what about you?


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This Long Parka from Fat Face is a winning coat. Check out the ditsy cotton quilted printed lining, the draw cords at the hem and waist to cinch it in and the detachable fleece lined hood. All that's left to do is to choose between the dark grey and the deep lichen colours.



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This Devier Knit Dress from Fat Face is one of those dresses you can instantly pull on and look super smart. The soft knit tunic dress has metal button detail, a crochet hem and gathered cuffs for a great sleeve shape. Now will it be the Dark Navy, Deep Purple, Grey marl or Phantom? It's not easy choosing let me tell you!


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Yikes, I'm slightly on edge today as I've read that one in 25 bosses could be psychopaths. I've been furtively looking at Father of the Children all day today, could he be one? All is well though as one of their natural tendencies is charm and although he has many attributes charm is not top of the list. I've mentioned my concerns to him but he simply guffawed and said he took it as a compliment that I regarded him as my boss. He says he thought of me as my own boss - oh my word, does that mean I could actually be the psychopath?!.


This Fierce Feline Tie Shirt from French Connection is a real statement piece. The shirt ties at neck, has a key-hole button fastening at the back, button placket at the front and long sleeves with button fastening cuffs. It will look awesome with either smart trousers or a pencil skirt.



icon icon


These Straightleg Moleskin Trousers from Boden are fabulous and come in Long or Regular Leg. Will you go for the Raisin, Black, Evergreen or Dark Navy though?


Straightleg Moleskin Trousers


This Leather Colour Block Satchel from Warehouse is the perfect size for holding all your daily essentials and more!


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This Smooth Ruth Pencil Skirt from French Connection is the height of smart sophistication. Go for the uber chic look by teaming with all black or liven it up a bit with one of this season's jewel coloured blouses.


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This Winter Willow Vest from French Connection comes in two colour choices - Blue Blood Base/Gunmetal or Sand Script Base/Pale. Either will look magnificent in the evening this season with a midi skirt or tailored trousers.



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This Stella Dress from Boden's Limited Edition range is a real crowd pleaser. It has a wonderful flattering fit and flare shape . The only tricky bit is going to be choosing between Black and Geranium.


Stella Dress


We've just got back from a truly delightful lunch party and after attempting to thread a needle 5 times to start on the hideous task of sewing name tapes on school uniform I've finally decided that alcohol and sewing don't mix so I've thrown the towel in and am focussing on today's Sunday magazines instead. A far better bet I think as the sharpness of the needle could result in all sorts of physical damage being suffered. It does of course mean that the pressure is mounting and the clock is ticking to get it all done by Wednesday. Why do I never buy the iron on ones? Every year at this stage I ask myself the same question. There is obviously some thought process I go through to end up with the sew on ones but for the life of me right now I cannot fathom the reasoning! Maybe I'll just get the stapler our, or even better the magic marker! While I practice my lettering/spacing here are some of the lovely treats featured in today's mags.


This Christa Dress in Blue Electric from L.K. Bennett is an absolute delight! So incredibly pretty and really rather flattering. As featured in You Magazine, 4th September issue.



Christa Dress in Blue - Electric


These UK online exclusive By Larin - Electric Blue Mid Heel Court from my-wardrobe are spell binding. They are so magnificent I could break into song about these blue suede shoes but you are quite safe I won't! As featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine, 4th September issue.


By Larin - Electric Blue Mid Heel Court


This Tina Dress in Black from L.K. Bennett is a perfect little black dress, perfect for countless occasions. As featured in You Magazine, 4th September issue.


Tina Dress


This Belted Daisy Skirt from Phase Eight is such a smart skirt, just great for wearing with heels and a pretty blouse to the office! As featured in The Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine 4th September 2011 issue in a feature on the Three Best Pencil Skirts.


Belted Daisy Skirt


Animal emblazoned jumpers are all the rage this Autumn. This Womens Hare Jumper from Joules is therefore terribly on trend. As featured in You Magazine, 4th September issue.



Womens Hare Jumper



These Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Classics from Style Passport are a wardrobe classic. Great for teaming with jeans on any dress down day. As featured in You Magazine 4th September issue.


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I am just back from a tip top day spent with girlfriends and children at Buckingham Palace. We all so enjoyed the royal wedding (even although our invitation had obviously got lost in the post) and were terribly excited about seeing Kate Middleton's wedding gown, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, in close proximity. Not only did we see it in all it's breathtaking glory but we were also able to see her beautiful tiny lace embroidered shoes, diamond earrings, the 1936 Cartier tiara containing 1,000 diamonds which was her something borrowed from the Queen and a silk replica of her bouquet which even included sweet william...altogether now, aawwhhh! We also got to view the eight-tiered wedding cake, including the ceremonial sword slashed bottom tier!

Romance was definitely in the air within our party and far be it for me to start any rumours but Harry was definitely the talk of the day! While we all rest our weary limbs from our full on day here are some lovely items that caught my eye tonight.


This Limited Collection Short Sleeve Shift Dress from Marks and Spencer is a fabulous everyday dress, great for work and play!



Limited Collection Short Sleeve Shift Dress


This Splendid Oversized Breton Stripe Button Tee from Style Passport in red and navy looks great with jeans this season - either navy denim ones or the myriad of pop bright coloured ones out there.


icon icon


These Twill Cropped Pants from Gap are must for this season - now will you go for the blue or olive? I've made my choice, over to you.....


Twill cropped pants


This Fern Belted Mac in Stone from Reiss is a complete wardrobe classic and has shot straight to the top of our most wanted list.


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This Three-quarter bib top from Gap is absolutely beautiful - choose between new olive, optic white or raffia. It'll be a real winner in your wardrobe.



Three-quarter bib top



This Limited Collection 3/4 Sleeve Stretch Cocoon Coat from Marks and Spencer comes in wonderful bright Cobalt Blue or Orange. It'll definitely add a wonderful splash of colour to your Winter wardrobe.


Limited Collection 3/4 Sleeve Stretch Cocoon Coat


Research announced today states that although many of us think we rely on a caffeine hit to get us going in the morning this could actually all be in the mind. A group of people were tricked into drinking decaffeinated coffee and in some instances their mental performance, reaction times and mood was considered even better than those in the caffeine group. It seems to indicate that the mere suggestion that coffee has pick-me-up powers is enough to convince the brain that it's actually had the caffeine hit. Grandmother of the Children is staying with us right now and drinks decaf coffee and green tea the colour of wee and I can assure you I've tried both this morning and neither gave me the boost that was required. No amount of honey and lemon made that dishwater, sorry tea, more palatable. It's not all bad news for us caffeine drinkers though as 3 cups of coffee a day can reportedly significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. As I can't currently remember how many I've had today I don't know if that means I've not drunk enough, am beyond help or maybe it means I need a holiday or the next big thing a shot of retail therapy! Whilst I speculate here are some stunning new items from the latest recruit to the Must Get That stable - Style Passport.


This fabulous 50's inspired Atelier Nylon Glass Print Prom Dress from Style Passport is bang on trend! The pattern is printed on sheer organza in soft muted shades of green with subtle splashes of red. Go for the Mad Men look by teaming with kitten heels and a wee cardi.



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These Current/Elliott The Roller Jeans from Style Passport are so hot they are smokin'! The slim fitting lady bug red jeans have a rolled hem and are worn low & relaxed on the hips. They look equally swell with heels and a blouse or with brogues and a blazer.


icon icon


I'm loving this rather clever Humanoid Esha Cowl Neck Sweater from Style Passport. Why is it so clever? Well, it has a removable cowl, so when you're starting to warm up, simply remove and wear as a crew neck. That's 2 looks for the price of 1 in my book too!


icon icon


Wow, this Sophie Hulme Leather Sleeve Wool Mac from Style Passport really is one for all dedicated followers of fashion out there! The stunning combination of wool fabric and leather really do make it the chicest coat out there right now!


icon icon


This ASH Belinda Studded Duffle Bag from Style Passport is a real luxurious bag with dramatic, eye catching stud detailing.



icon icon



These Bloch Two Tone Ballet Pumps from Style Passport are a wardrobe essential. The problem will be choosing between the chic navy and black combination, the Chanel-esque cream and black option or the black on black version.


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I bunked off again yesterday although I'm keeping very quiet about it as I don't think he who must be obeyed even noticed I'd gone! After 2 solid weeks in my company he was obviously glad for a bit of a break and some solitude.

I dashed down to town and saw a super exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery displaying some of the Government's Art Collection. For over 100 years the Government has acquired art works to promote British art and artists around the world. These pieces are normally displayed in over 400 locations across the globe. This exhibition featured some 25 of those works selected by the likes of Samantha Cameron and Nick Clegg. It was most enjoyable and I only wish we could all go and select a Lowry to hang in our hall for a few months!

I then got my fix of glamour and decadence at the National Portrait Gallery Hollywood Portraits exhibition entitled Glamour of the Gods. It featured over 70 photographs from the 1920's through to the 1960's. They were all there - Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, James Dean, Joan Crawford. For a moment I was transported to another era but alas before I knew it the texts started arriving from all the inhabitants of Must Get That Towers enquiring "what's for tea?" and I was on the train home and my brief interlude/skive was over. So without further ado here are some lovely items that have flitted past my desk this morning....


This Margo Round Neck Lace Dress from Phase Eight is wonderfully elegant, a real timeless classic. It will come to your rescue time and time again I guarantee!



Margo Round Neck Lace Dress


This Rachel Print Clutch from Coast is bound to bring a smile to your face. Team with blacks or a plain dress to add a bit of racey, yet elegant, animal print to your look.


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This leather Jocelyn Skirt from Coast is absolutely beautiful - the colour, panelling and stitch detailing are simply second to none!


icon icon


This Carlton Long Sleeve Dress from Coast is a stylish wrap effect jersey dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a flattering front knot detail. You know what? I think it's pretty much perfect!


icon icon


This Mad Men Collection Lace Shell from Banana Republic has been designed exclusively in collaboration with Mad Men® costume designer Janie Bryant. The collection is inspired by the razor-sharp tailoring and feminine silhouettes of 1960s style. The sleeveless top has a buttoned back keyhole opening, a tiered hem and are partially lined.



The Mad Men Collection Lace Shell



These pale grey Cigarette Pants from Banana Republic form part of their Mad Men® collection designed exclusively in collaboration with Mad Men® costume designer Janie Bryant. Team with a pretty bow fronted blouse or a lace top for a top stylish look.


The Mad Men Collection Cigarette Pant


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