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Written by:The Editor
Thursday, November 25, 2010 11:46 AM 

I'm feeling like an extra bad Mother as on looking at the BBC website this morning I see it's Thanksgiving Day - I completely forgot. Both Children were born in America and I feel as part of their history we should celebrate it. I guess the spag bol that was planned for supper is going to have to be put on hold while I muster up a wee turkey and a pumpkin pie. I have just done the 'Easy' Thanksgiving Quiz on the BBC website and scored an appalling 5/10 - I mean for goodness sake did you know that the red appendage that joins the underside of a turkey's beak and its neck is called a wattle, I always thought it was called a gobble! While I go and track down a yam or two here are some top finds to keep us cosy over the cold snap ahead.



Do you remember how stunning Julie Christie looked in her fur hat in Dr Zhivago? Well Jigsaw have kindly produced a classic for the Winter season - their Fur Christie Hat - it's a must have item!



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There's nothing worse than when the cold 'gets' you in the gap between your cuff and gloves. Fear no more these Long Cashmere Gloves from Jigsaw are the answer to all our prayers!


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It's so cold! I am in desperate need of this Faux Fur Stole from Jigsaw, so much so that it's now moved onto my essential item list!


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These Cable Knot Wrist Warmers from Jigsaw are perfect for keeping cosy this Winter!


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We're talking real luxury with this phenomenal Luxurious Sheepskin Trapper Hat from Jigsaw!



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These Degrade Wrist Warmers from Jigsaw are fabulous for when you want to keep your hands warm but your fingers free. Choose between 3 fabulous colours - Mole, Dusky Plum and Thundercloud!


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Hoping the holes in the lace dress will trap air for added warmth today!

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